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Saturday, 22 February 2020
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Volume 2
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Resort Style Home 


ImageThe residence of Tuan Haji Fadhil and Puan Zurina Zulkifly, owners of the 3Q Equestrian Ranch nestles atop the hill overlooking the ranch and surrounded by the hills of the Malaysian Countryside.

The 3Q Ranch is well known amongst the equestrian circle and being a rider myself, I had heard volumes about this magnificent abode of Tuan Haji Fadhil and Puan Zurina Zulkifly. The GardenAsia team had driven past the small town of Sungai Buloh but we had missed the junction leading towards Kundang. Several phone calls put us back on the right track and we continued our journey passing palm oil estate after palm oil estate. Soon the plants at the fringe of the narrow road were no longer palms but huge trees and the lush foliage of a secondary jungle.

Eventually, one of us caught sight of the paddocks of 3Q and we knew that we had reached our destination. We drove past the ranch and up a hill where the house was perched atop. The roof of a pavilion loomed bigger as we drove through the main gateway that had an imposing arch. I sat bolt upright with an expectant air and absorbed in the scene that was unfolding before us. The driveway was flanked by bushes of heliconias (H. psittacorum), torch ginger (Etlingera elatior), yellow palm (Chrysalidocarpus lutescen), chempaka kuning (Michelia champaka) and flame of the forest (Delonix regia). There was still no sight of the big house but a gardener we stopped to inquire from assured us that this was indeed the house of Puan Zurina and Tuan Haji Fadhil. We came to a brick wall and entered through a gate into a delightful courtyard with rectangular water lily pond that was adorned with colourful lilies.

Cover Story

Water Plants 


Image To create a water garden, pools can be variously designed depending on the space available. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to create a pond even in the smallest of gardens. As most water plants require sunlight, it is advisable to place the pond in full sunlight. Alternatively for link houses or apartments with very limited garden space container planting will be ideal.

Knowledge of the flowering habit and reproduction of water plants would be most useful in planning the water garden. In this article I will concentrate on the water plants that inhabit freshwater bodies, as these are the ones that can be exploited for garden ornamentals. There are no less than 200 species of water plants in Malaysia and most are found in freshwater bodies such as ditches, ponds, lakes and rivers. Some species recide in saline and brackish coastal waters. There are essentially three types of water plants:                           

• free-floating (floaters)                           

• partially submerged                           

• fully submerged 

Garden Gallery

Hibiscus Our National Flower 


ImageIn the tropics the beautiful Hibiscus flourish in abundance
The magnificent blooms, a symbol of significance 
In Malaysia Bunga Raya is the common name
With independence came national fame 
Though usually large and red 
Other varieties in hundreds have been bred 
In sharing one common feature of petals and sepals in fives
In a medley of colours and shapes to brighten our lives
The formation in fives symbolizes the nation's five principles 
We obey and observe these ideas as disciples 
Belief in God, loyalty to king and country 
Upholding the constitution, rule of law and good behaviour and morality
Each petal represents one principle in its entity 
Five fused together at the base to maintain unity
At sunset the blossoms drop and fade away 
Comes dawn and new blooms to start the day 
Hibiscus of numerous varieties have gained great popularity 
Soon our capital Kuala Lumpur will become the Hibiscus City
Truly signifying the land of great diversity and beauty 
This heritage must surely be preserved for posterity 

Young Gardener

My Say: Nature vs Malls 


ImageMany new buildings have mushroomed all over the city recently. Most of the buildings are but just to satisfy  the shopping craze that has hit town just recently. Mobs of people race into shopping malls like herds of  wildebeests. They go there to enjoy the comfort of air-conditioning.  There are shops galore and state of the art cinemas  that show all the latest movies and have top-notch sound  systems. All these of course, as IÕve said before, attract  mobs of people.
Congestion of malls is the immediate result and these buildings are choked full of people. Trying to get a  single parking space is mind boggling. I donÕt know  about you, but even though I'm not the one driving,  I still get frustrated when my family does not get a  parking space.

Kitchen Garden



ImageIn  our first issue, details of herbs we used in our dishes  were described briefly together with their planting  requirements. We had many requests from readers for  a herb gardening section to be included, so we are now  starting our Kitchen Garden as part of our garden spread.  We will start with designing our Herb Kitchen Garden  in our backyard! It would also be fun to include the  herbs you need in some parts of your main garden. Growing  them in pots also would be a convenient alternative  to save space and for mobility. The design shows one  of the many shapes a kitchen garden can take depending  on the space available                   

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