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Wednesday, 08 April 2020
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Volume 3
Kitchen Garden



ImageThe cartwheel layout is a typical design for a herb garden. As you can see from the layout diagram it gives a convenient working and harvesting condition giving accessibility to all the herbs around. It is pretty as well. The size can be according to the backyard we have and would definitely suit an elongated garden space. The herbs and spices we discus here will be utilised in our garden spread recipes.
 (1) Pandan leaf
 (2) Curry leaf
 (3) Turmeric leaf
 (4) Lemon grass leaf
 (5) Kadok leaf (Piper sarmentosum)
 (6) Aloe vera
 (7) Indian pennywort leaf
 (8) Polygonum leaf
 (9) Citrus hystrix
 (10) Lime

Garden Design

Scented Garden For The Disabled 


ImageThe appropriate and imaginative selection of plants is critical to the success of any landscape design, but it is especially important in creating an intimate garden for the disabled to enjoy. Sadly it is often the poor selection and combination of plant material that lets down the design of landscapes for disabled people. This article is dedicated specially for those with sensory loss, i.e. hearing and sight.                          

Plants for the disabled should play various roles in the landscape including:
• Structural elements: screening, shelter, shade, demarcation of spaces;
• Interest through colour, texture, scent, growth habit and safety;
• Reminiscence.

These are discussed in the following sections. It is intended to provide basic information on different types of plants, highlight their specific value and use in designs for the disabled people.

Garden Spread

Fish Head Curry 


 • 1 fish head
 • 3 cups coconut milk
 • 5 shallots, 2 garlic, 1 cm ginger, sliced
 • 2 stalks curry leaves
 • 2 tablespoons oil
 • 1 tablespoon of a mixture of whole cloves,
 • cinnamon stick and nutmeg seeds
 • 3 tablespoons curry powder
 • 1/2 cup tamarind juice
 • 5 ladyfingers
 • 3 green chillies
 • 3 stalks of murrungai, cut 2 inch long
 • Salt to taste
 • Water

Heat the oil and saute the shallots, garlic, ginger, mixed whole spice, curry leaves and curry powder until fragrant. Stir in the tamarind juice, coconut milk, salt, water and add the fish head. Lastly add the ladyfingers, green chillies and murrungai and simmer for five minutes.                                     

Garden Art & Craft

Drying Orchids For Arrangement 


ImageIn  the last issue of Garden Asia I have discussed how orchids  may be made into beautiful pressed flower. In this issue  we will move on to see how orchids may be transformed  into dried flowers for use in arrangements.

For this purpose only Dendrobium and Oncidium orchids (dancing lady) are suitable. Other genera may turn black  after drying or they may become too thin and not suitable as dried flowers.

Dye absorption should be done while the flowers are  still fresh (refer to GardenAsia - Garden Art & Craft  April - June). [Plate: Coloured and non-coloured orchids]. For drying, it is easier for each flower to be removed  from the stalk, as drying has to be done in a microwave oven. Drying the whole orchid stalk can be rather tedious  and difficult to fit in the oven.

Together with her research team, Zaharah has utilised  various preservation techniques including drying and pressing. She studied various aspects of dyeing, bleaching, drying, storage, packaging and even product presentation.                         

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