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Thursday, 02 April 2020
Your Garden Supplies
Volume 4
Kitchen Garden

The Herbs Pot


ImageA convenient way to grow an her garden is in an herb pot. One can buy the herb pot or sometimes referred to as a strawberry pot, in the most garden centres or pot supply outlet. The beauty of having an herb pot is it can be positioned anywhere convenient for reaching to get our daily herbs or it can be placed in the front of your garden to add character and be a conversation piece.

For this issue, we have a little guide in planting of the herbs into the pot. Suitable plants will be herbs like basil, mint, aleo vera, chives and coriander. Rhizomes like galangal or ginger will not be suitable since there will be little space for them to run.
Garden Design

Garden Design


ImageOur garden design is inspired by the visit to the Alhambra and with the permission of the architect and his his client we are featuring the layout of the portion of the garden which has the elements of the Patio de Acequia. The Long Pool lies parallel to the swimming pool, which is surrounded by porticos on three sides. Based on the layout drawing and the cross section of the long pool and pavilion, our illustrator Nik Aminah has come up with her artist impression or perspective of the garden to come.

Garden Spread

Kuih Bakar


• Eggs - 1 bowl
• Flour - 1 bowl
• Sugar - 1 bowl
• Coconut milk - 2 bowls
• Pandan leaves - 10 pieces
• Ghee - 2 table spoon

1. Melt the ghee. Put it aside.
2. Blend the coconut together with the leaves with enough water to obtain two bowls of milk.
3. Mix all ingredients. Stir to make it blend well.
4. Grease the baking tin with enough ghee. Pour in the mixture and bake it about 45 min. to 1 hour.

Garden Art & Craft

Drying Roses For Arrangements


ImageIn the last issue of Garden Asia we have seen how the roses may be dyed and processed into beautiful pressed flowers. In this issue we will look into the possibility of drying roses for dried flowers for arrangements.

Be it for pressed flowers or dried flowers the roses must be dyed while they are still fresh. The dyed roses may be used in arrangement first until sign of wilting before they are dried. Off course the shapes will be better maintained if they are dried while they are still fresh.

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