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Wednesday, 08 April 2020
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Volume 6
Kitchen Garden



ImageA herb garden design need not necessarily be in the traditional form of a herb border, cartwheel shape or otherwise. It is also very possible if one does not have a suitable planting space at the back of a house for a kitchen garden, to include one's herbs in the main garden. Our local herbs have flowers and foliage ranging from subtle violets to vibrant reds and leaves of purple to luscious succulent greens. These herbs are most suitable for planting in a mixed border.

Garden Design

Pond Design


ImageIn our issue - we included the design for an Islamic theme garden complete with pool and pond areas. The pond contractor Masterpool, has design the pond to be a fish pond as well just in case the client decides to add fish to the lily pond. Ponds that cater for fish, especially the locally popular koi, will need a biological filtration system. Mr. Lim Joo An of Masterpool gave us some insight into the system.

BIOLOGICAL FILTRATION FOR KOI PONDS A Koi pond is an enclosed, recirculating, freshwater system for keeping Koi. A Koi pond should never be constructed in a full-sun location. Full-sun location will cause the water to be warmer than what the Koi would prefer and this will make the Koi lose the depth and lustre of their colours. Also, warm water and sunlight is just what algae needs to thrive on and dark green water is not what you want for your pond.

Garden Spread

Lauk Itik (Duck Dish)


ImageMost cuisine has a duck dish as a specialty. The Chinese cuisine have the Peking duck, the French, duck breast with orange to name a few. A duck dish is not very common in the Malay cuisine maybe because the bird is not easily obtained from the regular urban market. However, in the villages one can come across some traditional dish such as the "itik golek" in Kelantan and "lauk itik cili padi" in Melaka.

Garden Art & Craft

Preservation of Bougainvillea


ImageBougainvillea is one of the most common flowering plant in Malaysia. It flowers profusely all year round and is found in various shapes, forms and colours. Like other flowers they may last for a while and start to fade and fall to the ground after a few weeks. Do you know that bougainvillea flowers can be preserved into beautiful dried flowers? However, not all bougainvillea flowers can be preserved. One has to choose the flowers that have hard texture and can retain their shape after drying. Some bougainvillea varieties have soft texture and will shrivel up after drying.

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