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Tuesday, 07 April 2020
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Volume 7
Kitchen Garden

The Vegetable Potager


ImageA potager is a French design for the kitchen garden- an ornamental, formal garden in which herbs are grown together with vegetables and fruits. The beds are geometric in shape and carefully delineated. Paths are straight, well defined and can be made attractive by paving. Any structures for climbers ought to be strong and well built.

Vegetables such as lettuces and spinach will make attractive beds when planted in rows. Sweet potatoes and pegaga will provide good ground cover while supplying the daily ulam or salad.

Garden Design

Of Arbors and Pergolas


ImageIn our climate where the tropical sun can be extremely hot and bright, an arbour or pergola in a garden is a welcoming refuge. A commonly seen design in our homes is the pergola attached to the house to give shade even to the rooms inside.

Whether attached to the house or freestanding, the siting and size of the pergola is important. If it is to cover a path which is not leading anywhere, then there should be a focus point at the end of the pergola. A statue, a seat or even an arbour would make a suitable focal point as there is nothing more disappointing than walking down a pathway to a dead end! There are simple rules to take into account when siting and constructing pergolas and arbours.

Garden Spread

The Japanese Home Style Cooking


ImageAfter many occasions of enjoying lunches prepared by our friend Mrs. Kasuko Hatori, I asked her to share her recipe with us. Out of her usual large spread, we chose the following favourites:


Garden Art & Craft

Making Good use of Annato


ImageAnnato or its scientific name Bixa orellana is a popular landscape plant especially for roadsides and avenues. The shrub is noticeable through its bunches of red, hairy fruits, resembling that of rambutans. There are various varieties of annato with fruits of varying sizes and shapes.

Research at MARDI has enabled the annato fruit to be turned into beautiful preserved flowers. The various varieties of annato may be made into various product ranges; for example the small annato may be used in potpourri while the big annato may be turned into flowers of various shapes. Certain varieties of annato may be used as bouquet of flowers.

The process of annato preservation begins at harvesting. The bunch of fruits must be harvested at the right stage, that is, when the fruits have turned dark brown. However one has to be careful not to collect fruits that has already begun to rot. These harvested bunches of fruits must be cleaned by removing its seeds before bleaching. If they are to be used in potpourri or to be refabricated, then the stalk should be removed for a more efficient bleaching. Soaking the chosen fruits in sodium hypochlorite for a few minutes may do bleaching.

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