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Saturday, 22 February 2020
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Volume 8
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Ye Grand Olde Dame


ImageKuala Lumpur began its humble origins around the mid-1800s with the discovery and growth of tin mining around the upper Klang river valley. The river banks at the time were already settled by Malay villagers who grew food on small plots, collected jungle produce and extracted alluvial surface tin ore. The tin they sent downriver to the coast was how it was known of the rich tin deposits upriver. By 1857, groups of prospectors, especially Chinese miners and others were establishing themselves around the area, and an important natural staging and trading centre was at the confluence of the two largest local rivers, the Klang and Gombak; which was apparently quite muddy. Over time the name 'Kuala Lumpur' or 'muddy confluence' stuck to the whole city. To this day, one can see the rivers' confluence at the site marked by the elegant Masjid Jamek (Jamek Mosque).

As tin mining grew, it hosted more migrants and activities and pretty soon the growing, bustling town attracted the British colonists who found that its central location, easy terrain and congregated population made it an ideal administrative centre. By 1880 it was made the Selangor state capital and had a cosmopolitan citizenry of Malays from many parts of the Nusantara, Chinese, Indians and Europeans. Having settled in, the British were also keen to enjoy recreation and socialising among themselves in this gentle tropical land, and they missed the tradition of strolling in public parks and manicured gardens, along with the chummy society clubs as in Britain.

Feature Garden

Courtyard Garden


ImageIt was a beautiful morning when, accompanied by the photographer, I reached my assignment in Pantai Hills. Nestled at the foot of a hill, the house had a large wooden gate that opened into the parking area. I was briefed that this house has an Islamic concept garden, so it was not a surprise that there was no sign of the garden. I presumed that it would be a secluded garden.

As we walked through the gate of Encik Azizan and Puan Zarinah's home, there was a welcoming sound of water that broke the stillness of the morning. Walking up the small steps of stairs towards the main door, I cannot help but admire the water feature on the wall spouting water into a small pool below. A fishtail fern hangs above the water feature and the entrance to the main door had luxuriant greens such as the philodendron and macathuri palms in pots and containers.

Young Gardener



ImageVandalism, it seems like it is the 'in' thing now. Everywhere we go, we vandalism: a spray paint here, a broken telephone there. The Government has spent so much to give us the luxury of tranquil picnic parks and easy to use telephone booths. It has spent millions to maintain these parks and to clean up other people's mess. Some think that vandalism is caused by teenagers; some say young adults who have no appreciation of the environment create these messes. In truth, no one knows. I have a sneaky suspicion that both groups of people are responsible. Anyway, going back to my title, can vandalism be an act of boredom? I strongly believe it may be so. Some teenagers and young adults have a little too much free time. Or can it be a cry for attention? Is there a need to express oneself to the world? Is vandalism a result of peer pressure that requires one to prove that one is a 'raging rebel'. So many possibilities!

Garden Science

Lawn Maintenance


ImageWe continue our maintenance series with our Lawn maintenance. When starting a garden a proud houseowner would normally have a lawn in mind as part of the garden. To ensure that the lawn require minimum amount of maintenance apart from cutting the grass we ought to know what grass we are planting. I started my first garden with a little lawn planted with 'cowgrass', of unknown origin. For the next one-year we had to constantly pull out weeds especially the mimosa that hurt the little feet running around the lawn. Dr. Shukor gives us the various grass options. Although these are mainly grown for the greens in golf courses they would surely give us a lovely lawn.

Kitchen Garden

Hanging Basket


ImageAt my last visit to my daughter's apartment she produced a package she bought at a garden centre. It was a complete set of a kit for a hanging basket! Her aim was to have a kitchen garden and since her flat is a studio apartment she only has a French window leading out to a small balcony. A hanging herb garden is indeed a good idea and the kit came complete with compost...

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