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Wednesday, 08 April 2020
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Volume 8
Garden Design

Dressing A Wall


ImageGarden walls play a part in creating the look you want for your home be it a rustic or an English cottage garden look. The beauty of it is the appearance can be changed with very little effort. The old garden wall here had face bricks giving a rustic look especially after aging over the years. The part of the wall that faces the front door having a patio needs some dressing up since the owners have decided they would like to open the door to a bright and cheerful view.

Garden Spread



ImageWhen I asked Mrs. Chellamah Mehrotera for her recipe for chappati and dhall she laughed and said I need not cook it myself bacause she will do it for me whenever I fancy a chappati meal. I insisted to learn and asked her if I can share it with my readers most of whom the staple food might not be the chappati. There has been a lot of interest in healthy food such as the chappati from people who are on special diets to control conditions such as high levels of cholestrol. Chappati can be eaten with different dishes such as dhall or curries. My favourite however is the moong dhall. I have tried out the recipe and am delighted to have the family enjoying it for dinner.

Garden Art & Craft

Ways with Water Plants


ImageWater plants do not automatically come to mind when we do floral arrangements. The common idea is to have water plants in the home for décor by putting water cabbages in a bowl of water. We discovered delightful ways with water plants when we visited Gardenfairies in Bangsar. I went straight home to put my water poppies into an old black vase and found the result quite pleasing!

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