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Monday, 16 September 2019
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Volume 9
Kitchen Garden

Planting The Yam


ImageIn line with our feature plant for this issue we realised that although the aroids have been part of our cullinary scene for decades, we never include them in our backyard garden or herb garden. The reason could be that most of us have little idea as to the variety that is edible. We depend very much on the farmer that sells his tubers in the wet market.

It is quite simple to ensure that the variety is right by just getting your stock from the ones you purchased for cooking. The tubers can be propagated easily. Our how to section in the next iisue will deal with propagation of tubers.The various varieties of Colocasia esculenta are the edible yams.

Garden Design

A Courtyard Garden


ImageDesigns of purpose built buildings be it apartments or terrace houses at one time incorporated an indoor garden. Size was usually small, as the objective was usually to meet the requirements of having an airway for good circulation.

House owners are sometimes at a loss as what to do with their indoor garden. Now with the popular idea of having a courtyard garden, these indoor gardens can now be transformed into the fashionable courtyards by just adding a few features.

Garden Spread

Yam Dessert


ImageThe edible version of the aroids is ingredients of popular dishes in Asia. Malay dishes of the old recipe gives us the savoury vegetable dishes and sweets for dessert. Chinese dishes in dim sum have the yam as yam cakes and fried yam with seafood filling as the example of savoury dishes. I am sure there are many other exotic dishes in this region that are having our aroid as an ingredient. We have come up with two favourite lauk for a meal with rice as well as a dessert, simple and sweet.

Garden Art & Craft

Creating Art With Foliage


ImageA visit to the couturier, Bernard Chandran’s place in Kuala Lumpur found us not only admiring his masterpieces but also the flower arrangements in his studio. We discovered that the arrange-ments were done by Stephanie Chandran, his sister. Stephanie finds that flowers make her feel comfortable and happy and loves to create arrangements with the common garden plants and even plants she finds by the roadside. Many of them are aroids.

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