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Wednesday, 08 April 2020
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Volume 10
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Propagation Using The Underground Storage Organs


ImageA swollen underground food storage structure, whether in the form of a bulb, a corm, a tuber or a rhizome is a good source of planting material. The stored food reserves virtually guaranteeing strong growth and a fine display of flowers after planting.

Most of these organs require well-drained soils and most are tolerant to moderate acidity and alkalinity. Good drainage is important in avoiding fungal decay. It is always advisable to plant the organs on a shallow bed of sand with some organic matter added in the planting hole to minimise rot at the vulnerable bulb base.

Garden Spread

Going Bananas


ImageWith the enormous variety of bananas available in our region, we have a wide choice of recipes using bananas. Here are some simple recipes for home cooking of bananas.

Garden Art & Craft

Creating Art With Relatives of Bananas


ImageThe Black Costus (Costus palustris) is strking on its own but nestled amongst the red and pink gingers it gives the floral arrangement a mystic look- definitely a head turner and a conversation piece. We took pictures of the floral arrangements by Mushlim Musa, our personality in this issue when we visited his home and gardens. The heliconias and gingers used in the black costus was definitely a surprise. It is rare to see such a species.

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