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Saturday, 22 February 2020
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Volume 11
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Roses - Queen of The Garden


ImageThe genus Rosa includes over 100 species which are distributed throughout the temperate and subtropical regions of the Northern hemisphere. Roses are cultivated wherever gardening is practised and are used as landscape and cut-flower plants throughout the world. As major contributors to the cut-flower market, rose have become an important target for breeding new varieties with novel and improved characteristics.

Cultivars which are most commonly grown in gardens as ornamental plants are classified as Hybrid Tea (large flowers), Floribunda (flowering in clusters) and miniature roses. Hybrid Tea and miniature roses are also grown in glasshouses for the sale of cut flowers and pot plants, respectively. Each of these classes of roses has the ability to produce flowers throughout the growing season. Flower colours range from red, white, pink, yellow, orange, to lavender with many shades, hues and tints. Flowers are borne on upright, prickly stems.

Feature Garden

A Weekend Retreat in Janda Baik


ImageWhen one think of the nearest hill resort to Kuala Lumpur, one would think of the Genting Highlands and the surrounding hills. Resorts such as the Awana Golf Resort, the Bukit Tinggi Resort with the now well known French village the Colmar Tropicale will come to mind. The temperature is slightly temperate and the nearby Janda Baik area also has the similar if not same temperature conditions due to the slightly higher altitude. The area has for some time been the favourite of city folks who wanted a retreat home for the weekend.

Garden Gallery

Penang Botanic Garden


ImageIn the late 18th century there was great interest in the spices of the East, the early Europeans set up a trading post for the East India Company in Penang in 1796. They then had the seedlings of tropical fruits and spices planted in a garden, which later became known as the Botanic Garden. Then in 1834 a second garden was established. The Governor of Penang Mr. Murchison who had little interest in gardens or agriculture sold the Botanical Garden. It was not until 1884 when the Botanic Garden of Penang saw its inception. This garden was administered by the Gardens and Forest Department of the Straits Settlement.

Young Gardener

Careers In Nature


ImageI have come to a stage where I have to choose a path to follow for maybe the rest of my life: I have to decide on my career. Going off to college is the obvious choice after finishing school. I have found that my passion still leans towards things associated with Nature.

Garden Science

Guide To Flowering Potted Plants


I love the way the lilium plant grow, with its arching leaves, tall and straight up. It is striking and ornamental even before the buds open in bloom. Forced bulbs should be potted immediately after purchase and in our climate it should be grown indoors or under shade and away from direct sunlight. It grows very fast in our warm climate and flowers bloom for only a few days. The variety shown here is the Asiatic hybrids.

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