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Wednesday, 08 April 2020
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Volume 12
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Cannas Are Back!


ImageCannas were the most popular flowering plants during the colonial period in British Malaya. There were dozens of varieties, which the British ‘mems’ grew around their bungalows. Once a year, the plants would be dug out, and the soil turned over and enriched with cattle manure. From the old stock, young healthy plantlets would be separated out for replanting, to produce glorious colours for another year. The Malaysian idea of a garden was to plant once and expect flowers forever, so cannas went out with the mems after Merdeka.There are now encouraging signs that Malaysians are prepared to sweat it out to create colourful gardens, as an alternative to sweating out in a gym or a jogging track.

Feature Garden

A Designer's Garden


ImageTaman Tun Dr. Ismail or simply known as TTDI, is an established housing area, developed many years ago and has a mixed development of detached houses, semi detached and terraced houses. Many of the houses have matured gardens with plenty of greenery and a kaleidoscope of colours from the variety of flowering plants. Many of our subscribers are from TTDI and I looked forward to featuring a garden from this area.

Garden Gallery



ImageBeing in Holland for the Floriade, we did not miss the opportunity to visit Keukenhof, the world famous tulip gardens. We were lucky to be just in time to catch the tulips before their blooms are over.

Young Gardener

Embracing Nature Into School


ImageFrom kindergarten to university, school has always been a big part of a youth’s life. Learning new things from ABCs to how to become a doctor for instance, the teachings from school stick in our minds until we become adults with careers. I am in secondary school now but I still, remember my old primary school so vividly. However, what interests me the most and what I will be concentrating on in this article and maybe the next are the surroundings of the school. Are the flora and possibly the fauna in the school’s compound any help to the student’s education and the environment?

Garden Science

Water Menagement in Landscape Gardens


ImageWater is an important element for all living organisms. In certain plants, water contribute more than 90% of their mass.In short, water from growing media is absorbed by roots, transported upward and majority of water is released to the atmosphere. Apart from being used for metabolic processes, upward water movement helps in transportation of nutrients and other solutes. Besides that, water also play an important role in providing physical support in maintaining plant turgidity. Without sufficient amount of available water (moisture), plant cannot perform their best.

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