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Wednesday, 08 April 2020
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Volume 14
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Ornamental Chillies – Attractive & edible


ImageChillies belong to the genus Capsicum from the family Solanaceae which also include important crops such as tomato, potato, brinjal and tobacco plant. Other interesting members of Solanaceae are Datura metel (kecubung), species of Brunfelsia, Cestrum, Datura, Petunia, Solandra and Solanum. Chillies have been variously named as Capsicum pepper, bird pepper, bird chilli or paprika and is the most popular and widely used condiment worldwide. The genus Capsicum is of New World Origin but became widespread throughout the world via traders and great travellers.

Feature Garden

A Malaysian Lifestyle


ImageThe Garden Asia team and I found ourselves in the exclusive neighbourhood of Damansara Heights for this issue's feature garden. Known for its mish-mash of large houses with very little or no garden space, we were pleasantly surprised to see that our particular garden was atypical. In fact this garden, although not unduly large, is planned in such a way as to create a tropical haven that is very much a part of the house.

Garden Gallery

Taman Botani Putrajaya


ImageHaving recently been officially opened, the Taman Botani Putrajaya may not be a familiar name on Kuala Lumpur's must-see list. Yet it is here that one can behold the combination of awe-inspiring nature and modern technology that is indeed a sight not to be missed. It is after all a brand new botanical garden – a seedling, in comparison with other botanical gardens of our country and abroad, in terms of its age, its want of history and tradition. Yet what it lacks in parts is made up for in many inventive ways. For one thing, the Taman Botani is all about vision.

Developed as the 'City in the Garden', it is a pioneering development on former agricultural land "reflecting Malaysia's idea of a fast-developing urban society that nurtures, appreciates and successfully co-exists with nature". It is the setting up of an infrastructure with various facilities, which in time, will grow and run successfully. The Putrajaya botanical garden can therefore be seen as somewhat of a microcosm of our country, our nature, and our aspirations.

Young Gardener

Career Opportunities for a botanist


ImageIn the last article, I wrote about careers related to studies of flora. I really feel that I should have done this in the beginning of my approach into careers and that is to interview somebody who has first hand experience in a career related to the study of plants. A botanist. Botany, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is the study of physiology, structure, genetics, ecology, distribution, classification, and economic importance of plants.

However, not many people realize that there are many different aspects that can be discovered when taking up the subject. Professor Halijah Ibrahim, a lecturer in the University of Malaya was kind enough to sit down with me over tea and pisang goreng to talk about exploring a career in botany.

Garden Science

A Guide to potted Foliage Plants


ImageThe tropical climate is a most suitable condition for the growth of foliage plants and although there is a tremendous number of greens in this category, there are many plants with different shapes and colours with ornamental value. Many of them also have large foliage, making them excellent Specimen Plants (plants grown as a solitary feature).

Alocasia sanderiana or the Kris plant is a striking plant and thrive very well in the tropics making a handsome architectural potted plant both for indoors and outdoors. Propagation is by division and should be done during repotting.

This Anthurium is the foliage variety of the dramatic anthuriums, which are nor-mally outstanding because of their striking blooms. The leaves, with their prominent silvery veins on bronzy purple to deep green make a beautiful display especially when placed on a stand. Propagation is via the roots.

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