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Tuesday, 07 April 2020
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Volume 13
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Begonia Galore


ImageMalaysia is blessed with a climate ideal for plant growth that allows a wide array of lush foliage and flowers to flourish throughout the year. Truly a tropical paradise for the gardener.The backbone of the ‘tropical look’ so fashionable today are the palms, heliconias and aroids but they cannot challenge begonias for the sheer beauty and variety of leaves.

Feature Garden

Open House Concept


ImageThe Malaysian hospitality especially during festive seasons is signified by the open house concept. One opens one’s house to visitors, be it family and friends or even strangers, to come to eat and enjoy the festive spread.

We bring to you a house and garden with the open house concept but not for feasting on food. The garden and house itself is presented for visitors to feast on. Sulaiman Ghani’s house is a semi detached house with the garden space typical of such a house. What is special is his open garden concept. There are no fences or gates. Visitors, even strangers can just walk right in and are welcomed to view his garden and collection of artifacts in the house. It would be nothing unusual for a house and garden in the kampong or Asian village to be open but in the midst of a residential area in the capital of Selangor, Shah Alam, it comes as a surprise.

Garden Gallery

KING'S PARK-The Crown of Perth


ImageVisit King’s Park and Botanical Gardens anytime of the year and you are likely to meet a visitor from Malaysia. The ‘must visit’ place is a popular destination not only with locals but tourists who enjoy the spectacular view of Perth city from the park’s high position overlooking Perth city, South Perth and its famous Swan River. It is also a great place to see and learn about Australian native plants.King’s Park is one of the world’s most unique public parks and botanical gardens. It is a living treasure and what I consider as the Crown of Perth. Without this beautiful nature reserve, Perth would be like a king without a crown.

Young Gardener

Living With Nature


ImageHumans have been living side by side with nature for decades. Only recently has development pushed almost the whole population of animals into the endangered list and some even into extinction. All around the world habitat destruction is apparent. Different types of animals are forced to live closer and closer to development and without realizing it we find all sorts of creatures creeping into our backyard.

Garden Science

TOPIARY - The Art of Fashioning Living Plants


ImageIn nature each species of plant grows with a distinctive habit, creeping, climbing, or growing upright. They also grow to various heights, shapes and sizes. The Ashoka Trees (Polyalthia longifolia) grow like columns, the ironwood tree (Mesua ferrea) is conical and Bunga Tanjung (Mimusops elengi) with a rounded crown. The tropical rainforests are very rich in diversity of species, trees of all shapes and sizes all co-existing for millions of years.

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