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Tuesday, 07 April 2020
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Volume 18
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A little piece of heaven


ImageMrs Audrey Chia is one lucky lady. Lucky, because she has a slice of heaven in her garden. But luck favours the bold – her beautiful garden did not come about without her fantastic dedication and vision to create something so beautiful out of so little.    

We chose to feature this garden because it is delightful, and we are not the only ones to think so. The Landscape Department recently awarded this garden the top Terrace House garden prize in their 2003 National Landscape Competition. We decided that it would be perfect for this issue because it is a smaller sized garden. We have been featuring larger gardens of late, and wanted to present a garden that would speak to our amateur gardeners out there in terms of how much you can get out of your garden despite limited space. And here is our opportunity at last…

Garden Gallery

Paya Indah Wetlands


ImageIt was quite a drive to Paya Indah Wetlands, but it was easy enough to find, and pleasant enough a journey. The roads leading to this wetlands were quiet – and in the silent sleepy stillness of dawn – all the more enjoyable.    

Indeed the best time to visit this 3000 hectare area is early in the morning when it is cool and when the animal kingdom within it is coming alive. An amazing variety of birds, fish and insects can be found here along with crocodiles, hippopotami, wild boar, leopard cats and wild buffalo.

Garden Science

Guide to Foliage Plants


ImageOsmoxylam lineare
A bushy landscaping plant which gives a good body to any focal point. Easy to maintain and propagate from cuttings. It can be planted in shade but will also tolerate the sun.

Garden Wise

Hardwood Cuttings


ImagePropagation by stem cuttings is the most commonly used method to propagate many woody ornamental plants. The method involves cutting or breaking off a part of the plant, inserting it in growing medium so it can grow to a new plant like the one from which it came. Stem cuttings of many favourite shrubs, pots and bedding plants are quite easy to root. However, stem cuttings of tree species are more difficult to root.

There are four main types of stem cuttings i.e. herbaceous, softwood, semi-hardwood, and hardwood. These terms reflect the growth stage of the stock plant, which is one of the most important factors influencing whether or not cuttings will root. In this issue which concentrates on Bougainvilleas, discussion will be confined to propagation through hardwood cuttings.

Garden Design

Designing with Pots and Pedestals


ImageIn any garden, one is bound to find pots, large or small, depending on their use and purpose. As gardens get more sophisticated with the advent of garden and landscape designers, a pot is no longer placed ad hoc, but has its own particular place to present the most impact on the garden. Shapes and sizes are dictated by the theme of the garden, whether it is a Balinese, Tropical or English.

The local pot industry in Malaysia is not as sophisticated as in Europe or as ethnic as in Thailand or Indonesia, but there is no lack of imported pots appearing in the market for use in garden designs. Designers conceiving gardens in a Balinese style will use the pots imported from Indonesia where one can get beautiful sandstone or terracotta pots. The shapes and designs are distinctly Balinese, with many suitable for water gardening.

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